Membership fees

Membership fees

The membership fee of the union is 1.4% of the member’s income subject to taxation.
The membership fee also includes unemployment fund charges.

For members who are working on foreign vessels, and who do not pay membership fee to the flag state or the ITF membership fees, the fee is 0,9 % of basic salary, allowances and overtime pay.

Members paying for their own membership

If you pay for your own membership fee, you can order the documents with reference lists or reference bank transfers from the office at

Or if you pay without a reference:
• Account number Oma sp FI7141080011337337 (membership fees only)
• Include your name and ID number in the description box of the bank transfer (without your ID number, they payment might be recorded to a different person)
• Note the period of time that the payment concerns (ddmmyy-ddmmyy)

The membership fee must be paid monthly.
Delayed payment may result in the termination of membership and endanger your unemployment security.
Please note that the tax records of any given year shall also include membership fees paid by 31 December.
Keep all receipts, as the transaction will not show up on the union’s account immediately after the transfer.
Pay your membership fees on time and according to the relevant percentage so that your application for daily allowance will not be dismissed on the account of paying an amount not corresponding to your income.

Membership fee collected by the employer

Remember to check on your pay slip that the membership fee of 1.4% has been deducted from your salary.
In particular, if you are employed in duties other than those of an officer, it is particularly important that you notify the salary payer that you are a member of the Finnish Ship’s Officers’ Union and that the membership fee will be deducted and transferred to the Finnish Ship’s Officers’ Union.
Employers may order the reference and clarification lists for membership fees at

Exemption from membership fees

Exemption from membership fees (at maximum for one year at a time with the exception of students, who may request exemption for the entire course of their studies) can be granted on the following basis:
• you are studying (for the duration of the entire studies): however, if you work during your studies, you are entitled to pay the membership fee according to your income subject to taxation
• you are temporarily paying membership fees to a trade union in another industry
• you are paying membership fees to a Nordic officers’ union
• you are on sickness leave or are paid rehabilitation allowance
• you are on maternity, paternity or parental leave or child care leave
• you are unemployed and receive basic unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy from Kela
• you are in military or civil service

Support membership

You can apply for a support membership, e.g. on the following basis:
• you retire due to old age/disability
• you work as an entrepreneur
• you are a member of another trade union. Nb. Being a member of another trade union does not entitle you to support membership on its own.

The support membership fee is €90/45 /calendar year.
An invoice is automatically sent to all support members.
Nb. The support membership fee does not include unemployment benefit fees.


The membership applications, membership fee collection agreement forms, support member applications and applications for an exception from membership fees can be ordered from the union’s office or printed out at the union’s website

All applicants receive a written response on the decision made on their written applications.
Having a membership card does not constitute membership on its own. Membership also requires either paying the relevant fees or exemption from these. Unemployment security and other membership benefits are available for those with valid membership.
Please also follow notifications on the union website.
If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact the union’s office at