Membership benefits of the union

Membership card

Membership cards are provided to all of our members.
The card entitles you to the following membership benefits:

Unemployment benefitsAll full members of the union are also members of the Unemployment Fund of Public and Private Sector Employees.
Pocket calendarpocket calendar published every year that includes the contact information of the union office, board members and district agents.
Trade union trainingRepresentatives and full members get an opportunity to participate free-of-charge in courses organised by the union and courses approved by the union and arranged by other trade unions.
Legal helpFull members are entitled legal services performed free of charge in matters concerned with collective agreements. The union can also provide legal support in other questions of general interest upon members’ request.
The union’s cottages in SulkavaThe Finnish Ship’s Officers’ Union owns four cottages at the Ryhälä village in Sulkava named Varmaranta, Myllyjärvi, Jaatila and Suvitupa.  The cottages can be rented by all members. Link to cottages.
Member productsThe union sells different products to its members, including tie-pins, belts, boat pennants, sea captain rings etc.
InsurancesThe union has paid for leisure time accident and travel insurance for all of its members who are under 70 years of age and have residence in Finland. The insurance coverage is valid until the end of the year when the insured person turns 70. The union has also taken out liability and legal expenditure insurance for its members who perform the trade union’s tasks at the If insurance corporation. Read more about this on If’s union pages.
Well-being periodsPHT, an association promoting the health and well-being of employees, organises well-being periods.
Member discounts


Viking Line 
Member discounts for leisure cruises.

Member discounts for leisure cruises.

Hotel Keurusselkä
Contract prices.

Eckerö Line
STTK member discounts.

Finnish Seamen’s Mission’s member discountsThe members of the Finnish Ship’s Officers’ Union are entitled to a 50% discount of the accommodation prices at the Seamen’s Mission in Antwerp.

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